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Heart and Art ... living the life of a peculiar traveller!

Well, an interesting start to our emigrating to Andalucia... we have been stopped in our tracks by the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic. We can't travel through Europe and so we are stuck in the UK, in Devon, forced into a life of peculiar travellers due to having no home. It's an interesting process considering the government are encouraging people not to travel, however there must be thousands of people across Europe in the same boat as us .... well, not boat, but... you know what I mean! And isolating ourselves too, which as artists is actually not that difficult to do, no matter where we are or what we are staying in.... creativity can be a solitary thing.

So, for lack of being able to travel we are living a very simple life here, creating small things, being with our animals and taking each day as it comes. We all have to be philosophical about this period of time, it is unprecedented, we are all going to be learning coping mechanisms we have lost from decades of modern living. But, with each other's support we can get through this, scarred to different degrees, with a lot of future problems to overcome, but we will get through this. We have to, it's our jobs as part of a wider community... even if online, the community is there. What we have to remember is the human race, we are tenacious little beggars, it takes a lot to get rid of us.... bit like a virus really.

I decided to start a blog, really as a way to get my thoughts on 'paper', be honest, if my thoughts help one person who feels kindred, then fabulous... and this is a great coping mechanism for people with anxiety, if you have thoughts that keep popping in your head... write them down, get them out of your body, it will lesson the 'spaghetti' in your head. I am being forced to live day to day, not a comfortable thing for me to do, but it's a skill I am learning...and this is another thing good for worriers like me, people who have a tendency to catastrophize if under stress... try and live in the day, if not the day break it down to an hour, and less an less. Even coping hour to hour is a massive achievement for those with anxiety... pat yourself on the back for coping. AnxietyUK have some great new YouTube videos about coping at the moment.

Fill your mind.... ok so, it's a bit different for Marc and I, we are artists both used to creating in solitude, BUT even for us this feels weird... an enforced solitude feels... different. Write a list of contingency plans... things you can do that maybe you have always wanted to have a go at in your home... art, writing, crafting, knitting, poetry, sketching, crochet, sewing, reading, learning to play the instrument you have had hanging around the house for ages... even all the household jobs we all put off because we are busy in our normal lives. Having a list is another way of coping, externalizing thought and, like having a shopping list, a prompt of THINGS TO DO. YouTube is the most fabulous resource for learning, I learned to crochet via YouTube, I have learned to many painting experiments via it.... there is literally everything you could want to learn on there. It is super cool!

Also, get outside if you can, if you have a garden sit in it, potter about. If you are allowed to go for a walk go out and walk, while keeping remote from people (we are SUPER remote from people where we are luckily, but then we always have been!), if you don't have an outdoors at the very least sit for a certain amount of time by the window.... remember the outdoors, which sounds odd, but for people with anxiety we don't want to be growing agoraphobia tendencies... and with all of these things really start to look at nature. Start to take time to slow down your thought process by watching the birds, flowers, trees, clouds.. all these important things we don't usually take time to contemplate because our lives are usually so busy. You will start to look forwards to seeing which new birds you notice, which flowers are popping up. Nature is such an intense healer, immerse yourself in it as much as physically possible.

Over the next few weeks I'm going to be adding photos of our lives as temporary peculiar travellers, where we will end up before we can move to our new home in Spain I have no idea... and that is a pretty scary thing... but there are people worse of than us for sure.

Be safe and well friends, be kind to others and yourselves.

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