What's included & what's not, full residents ...



1   Airport transfers to and from Malaga airport (Does not include Day Participants)

2   All daytime meals, good nourishing foods, locally sourced as much as possible - lunch buffet or picnic, daytime snacks and beverages

3   Jugs of Jose's secret family recipe sangria and non alcoholic fruit punch.

4  All art and craft materials for your chosen course, eg canvasses, papers, textiles, trimmings, jewellery components, paints, brushes, crystals, beads etc. You are welcome to bring pieces of your own should you wish to incorporate it in your   art and craft work.

5   Any pre-sent photos that you would like to make 'vintage' in atmosphere. (for courses that can include family photos as part of the created items, pet photos, landscapes, buildings etc. Copies of these can be emailed to us and we will work on the photos to give theme  vintage black and white/sepia toned atmosphere in keeping with the course theme) 

6   Wonderful surprises during your stay.. our special way of looking after our guests!

Internet access at our art and craft location

8  Day trip on Friday to Almunecar, Friday is market day so a great day to shop for gifts & treats. It is also a lovely seaside town dating back to the Phoenician era, we can stroll around the sculpture park, shop in the 'old town', visit the museum & have lunch on the sea front.





1   Flights (please let us know your flight number and arrival time for our pick up service)

2   Fully Comprehensive Travel/Health insurance (please let us know your insurance details.) For EU citizens we also recommend you apply for an EHIC European Health Card which allows all EU citizens to access each country's healthcare system free of charge. (This may not include all services as in your country of origin). We will also need emergency contact details.

3  Any extra services per course eg casting & finishing jewellery on the Wax Sculpting Courses

waterfalls in the countryside Granada
ancient door Lentegi Spain