Why a Green Policy is important to us ...

As with most artists & creatives we are passionate about protecting the environment & leaving as light a footprint on nature as we can. It is also very important to us that we support local businesses as much as we are possibly able. Even small measures in our everyday lives can have a huge positive impact on the environment when taken as a whole. This is such a beautiful part of Spain that we want to do our best to help keep it this way.

1.  Trips & picnics into the countryside are an integral part of being here & we take the greatest care not to harm any wildlife, flora or fauna, that is in the area.

2.  Foods are locally sourced as much as possible, this is an area rich in growing fresh fruits & vegetables, & with a long growing season, & so our meals reflect the changing seasons through the year.

3.  We support local businesses and use independent restaurants, food providers, accommodation providers & arts/crafts suppliers/galleries as much as we are able.

4.  As much as is possible we also source organic produce and keeping suppliers local means travelling is less of an impact on the environment. 

5.  One of the most important things to us with our craft and artwork is the use of upcycling, the re-use of a product in a possibly entirely different way to its former use. eg. clothes/curtains etc cut for use as fabric pieces; collected unusual cards/boxes/papers etc used as elements & backings for journals.

6.  Eco printing, clays, paints etc - The materials we use are non toxic. Paints are acrylics/water based; eco-printing materials are natural products; clays are Fimo or Sculpey; brushes & are all non fur synthetic bristles; we only use faux fur for sculptures/textile work.

7.  Whenever possible we will use art and craft products that are completely environmentally friendly.

8.  Recycling is hugely important to us and what we cannot upcycle we recycle or compost. We aim to send as little as possible from our lives to landfill. 

9.  Using less paper. As much as we can we communicate via email, even with an email brochure option... this cuts down on paper products that may end up in landfill.

10. Wherever possible we provide literature about eco-tourism & initiatives in the area.

11. We aim to include a cultural/historical aspect to our week. Almunecar has a fascinating history reflecting the history of the whole province & we hope visitors will leave having learned a little about the history this part of Spain & feel embraced by the warmth & culture.