The Sensory Landscape Textile Art

Creating stunning landscape textile art using mixed media fabrics & embellishments. Also Eco-Printing
Course tutors - Kelly & Jacqui
Full Residential Guest TBC
Day Participant (full course) TBC

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As with all of our courses the focus is on all things hand crafted. Our aim is to teach that you can gather fabrics, trims & embellishments to add to bought items & use 'upcycling' as part of your craft & art techniques. This art retreat holiday also includes learning Eco-Printing!

Textile collage art  seascape
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During your week you will learn how to create beautiful abstract landscape textile art full of texture, colour & individual personality. You will be inspired by the landscape where we are based, the high mountains, deep valleys, rivers & waterfalls, wild flowers & fascinating variety of trees. You will be guided through from visualising a basic idea using all your senses, not just visual, to develop a landscape that tells a story of your experience within that landscape. Our aim is to capture, in textiles, paints & embellishments, all that touches our senses & inspires us.
On this course you will be working on a base fabric to build up layers of texture and colour. You will learn about eco-printing, using gathered leaves & flowers to add an extra element of the sensory landscapes, using the actual plants from the area, actually capturing the spirit of the land. This is a fascinating technique that can be used in so many other crafts

We will add flowers, branches & leaves to 'set' the artwork in a 3D style freeform 'frame'.
You will learn how to create 3D effect flowers to use as embellishments, applique techniques, embroidery techniques, stamping, using liners, using sprays & paints to add effects, shadow, & detail. Your artwork will be a reflection, not just of the land, but also you yourself... unique in all ways.

What you will learn on this course ...

1  Preparation of base fabrics including making wall hanging attachments
2  Using paints to spray and 'soft' shade the base fabrics
3  Choosing our main 'solid' block fabrics, adding chosen solid shapes for main features

4  Adding fantasy & sheer fabrics to add softness & texture. 

5  How to 'tease' & distress fabrics to create water & tree bark effects etc

6  Eco -printing using gathered flowers & leaves to create printed fabrics we can cut up or use as bases.

7  Applique technique for adding our secondary features

8  Making padded elements to add depth, stumpwork, padded applique, Suffolk puffs etc

9  Classic stamping using rubber stamps , natural stamping using bark, leaves etc

10 Over painting and detailing pre bought faux flowers

11 Using fantasy wools, threads & ribbons for details & textures

12 Embroidery techniques for flowers, texture, details & more

13 How to make 3D type flowers, branches & grasses from felts, sheers & solid fabrics for our 'frames'

14 How to make Foamirin flowers for the frames

15 Choosing embellishments, charms, buttons, beads, etc

16 Adding beads, semi precious stone chips, sequins, seed & bugle beads to the base artwork

17 Adding the 'frame' display of 3D flowers etc

18 Painting & embellishing the frame flowers with beads, semi precious chips etc

19 Cutting, sewing & padding hanging flowers, birds & leaves etc

20 Adding embellishments to the hangers & attaching the hanging elements

21 Final painting and glitter liner embellishments on the finished piece



Extras ...
Textile collage with applique and elements
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We supply all tools, materials and embellishments needed for this course, however if there is something of your own, fabrics, old jewellery, mini accessories beads etc you wish to incorporate please bring it along.

This course is suitable for all experience levels, including total beginners.

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