Vintage Sparkles & Bohemian Brides

Creating vintage style costume jewellery or wedding jewellery with enamels, crystals, pearls & beads
Course tutors - Kelly & Jacqui
Full Residential Guest TBC
Day Participant (full course)TBC

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For this course we will be creating metal based jewellery that is enamelled and then set with sparkling crystals. We will also be adding beads or pearls, creating beaded necklaces for finishing & adding findings.

As we have been making jewellery as a company for over 50 years we have lots of examples of finished pieces for you to try on so you can get a better idea of the style of jewellery you would like to create.

As with all of our courses the focus is on all things hand-crafted. Our aim is to teach that you don't need many tools to create gorgeous costume jewellery, just a selection of easily bought materials, a few tools and a creative imagination 
This course is perfect for brides who want to create their own wedding jewellery, and for their bridesmaids etc. Bring your fabric colour & style swatches, & let us know any themes, & we will make sure we have plenty of suitable components & colours. This is also a great course for making Christmas gifts.
During your week you will use a wide selection of components in a variety of styles to design & create a variety of pieces -  necklace, bracelet, ring, earrings, charm bracelet, head band or tiara... sparkling & colourful jewelry to treasure. 
Kelly will guide you through the initial steps of setting out the plan & theme of your designs, getting used to handling the tools & working out colour schemes. 
You will learn how to fill the component backs for added comfort & how to build up layers of components for a more detailed effect.
You will learn how to use a basic on- glaze enamel product & shimmer powders to add colour to you pieces & how to add tiny painted details.
Next will be curing the enamels & assembling the pieces & adding gorgeous sparkling crystal stones Then we will assemble our jewellery using beads &, on some pieces, how to add wired pearls & beads for 'frothiness'
Finally you will finish your jewellery using all the necessary fittings.


What you will learn on this course ...

1  How to start with  basic idea, colour or theme & transfer those ideas into a jewellery design
2  Choosing components & elements to build up the main structures
3  How to fill back for more wearable comfort

4  Choosing enamel paint colours, building up a palette & mixing colours to match fabrics

5  How to use the enamels using brushes & detailing tools

6  Painting the components in layers of colour for depth & brightness

7  Adding details using detailing tools. This could be adding patterns or bringing details out of the component's own shapes

8  How to use Mica Shimmer Powders, pearls, iridescents & interference colours, how they can subtly change colour, atmosphere & texture. Using the powders on our jewellery

9  Curing & 'baking' our pieces

10 How to assemble the components using epoxy glues, safety using epoxy adhesive. Assembly of the components

11 Dry brushing for a more vintage effect

12 Adding sparkling crystals to our design pieces

13 Using beads & fine wire to add any 'frothy' elements, this is a technique used a lot on beaded tiaras

14 Finishing the backs with paints

15 Assembly of all the pieces into the main jewellery structures

16 Choosing beads for the necklace/bracelet pieces. These beads will make up the part that goes from the front design to around the neck. How to use steel coated wire & crimps, using pliers & cutters

17 How to do bead threading using plastic coated steel wire & crimps

18 For tiaras & headbands we will also learn how to use wired seed beads to cover the fronts of the band for a more professional and prettier effect

19 How to use head pins to add any bead droplet effects

20 Choosing & fitting all components (findings) - fasteners, earring backs, jump ring loops etc


Extras ...
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All components, elements, beads, crystals, glues, tools, trims, braids, findings will be supplied for this holiday. We will also supply pretty presentation bags for each of your designs.
This course is suitable for people with absolutely no experience of jewellery making, Kelly & Jacqui will help you every step of the way!
Bridal jewellery - As this course is ideal for brides who want to create their own wedding jewellery please bring colour swatches or photos of your dress/flowers/shoes etc so we can work with you to blend the enamel colours & choose the stones that perfectly complement your outfit.
Themes - For themed weddings eg dragonflies, or for themed pieces you would like to make eg the gardener's charm bracelet... please email us before you arrive so we can make sure we have plenty of interesting components & charms for you too choose from working within your theme. There is no extra charge for this. 

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