Wax Sculpting Jewellery for Lost Wax Casting

How to use sculpting waxes & semi precious stones to create beautiful, freeform & organic pendants & rings
Course tutors - Kelly & Jose
Full Residential Guest TBC
Day Participant (full course) TBC
NB there is an optional 'add on' element to this course, details below

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Over the many years we have been working as professional master-pattern makers & sculptors for the jewellery industry we have been asked numerous times if we will teach this specialist skill. Finally we are in a position to offer courses in wax sculpting for the lost wax process. On this course you will be mentored by Kelly, who has worked in this medium for over 20 years. Her silver wearable sculpture work is collected & exhibited worldwide & she is regularly commissioned for both large & smaller jewellery pieces. As a creator she is constantly looking for interesting ways to use wax as a jewellery sculpting technique, & loves the heritage & history that this particular technique of jewellery creation has. 

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wax sculpture for lost wax casting | wax sculpting course

To learn more about Kelly & her work visit her website here 

What you will learn on this course ...

1   Safety with the tools & where to buy equipment
2   The different types of waxes & tools  we will use
3   Working from a wax blank sheet

4   How to cut wax using sawblades, avoiding heat build up

5   How to file straight edges & curves

6   Drilling & making holes bigger

7   How to use sheet wax for flat bases (pendants etc)

8   How to make a freeform ring blank & size it

9   How to make a simple stone bezel (cabochons)

10 How to carve wax, the different tools

11 Using heat for carving & sculpting

12 How to weld pieces of wax together cleanly & without bubbles

13 How to size a ring in wax

14 Creating textures both hollows & raised elements

15 Hollowing out waxes to avoid excess metal use & achieve better castings

16 Experimenting with wax wires

17 How to using pliable molding wax that we can shape with our hands

18 How to build up a simple sculpture from a flat drawing around an agate slice (these could be trees, basic animal/bird shapes, flowers, dragonflies etc)

19 Using build up technique for stone settings (Cabochons  & Pearls)

20 Adding build up detail - beads, scrolls, tiny flowers etc

21 Cleaning your wax ready for casting


Extras ...

On this course you will be creating wax sculpted jewellery pieces that can later be sent to our casters to be cast into silver & finished by ourselves, or you can take the waxes home to finish yourself. There will be a multitude of beautiful semi precious stones & pearls to choose from to create our pieces with, & as this is a beginner's course we will focus on rings & pendants as these are the easiest items to achieve beautiful jewellery pieces.  We will experiment with different types of wax, carving blocks, sheets, wires, pliable molding wax & build-up wax to gain experience of using the tools, the different qualities each type of wax has... and, of course, create our jewellery items. After the course has finished you will have the option of us using our craftspeople to cast your pieces into silver and be set with your chosen stones. Your beautifully finished jewellery will then be posted to you. There will be a fee for the casting, setting & finishing, also the cost of the silver & post.  If you are interested in having your waxes finished by ourselves as beautiful silver jewellery pieces please discuss this with Kelly or one of the co-hosts on arrival.

NB This course involves filing, cutting, heat melting & sculpting wax

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wax necklace sculpture for casting | Heart and Art Andalucia

We supply all tools, materials and semi precious stones, pearls & agates however should you wish to incorporate a stone of your own please bring it along. (We will first advise if it is suitable for this technique on seeing the piece/s)

This course is suitable for all experience levels including total beginners.

NB this course involves filing, melting & sculpting wax.... long fingernails can be a problem when sculpting wax & don't usually end up long!

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silver agate castle necklace | jewellery making holiday Andalucia
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Some examples of Kelly's jewellery sculpture ...
silver goddess sculpture  | goddess of spring sculpture | kelly potts martinez
silver goddess sculpture | kelly potts martinez art | Heart and Art Andalucia
silver mermaid necklace | silver mermaid sculpture | art painting holiday Spain
river goddess sculpture | jewellery making holiday Spain | figurative jewellery
mythological jewellery | kelly potts martinez sculpture