To Stitch a Story - Textile Art

How to take a story & create a 'stage setting' stunning Textile artwork full of colour, texture & theatrical magic
Course tutors - Jacqui & Kelly
Full Residential Guest TBC
Day Participant (full course) TBC

On this course you will creating a story in textiles & mixed media elements, a wonderful piece of art full of the drama of Spanish culture & the romance of the landscape. It will have the atmosphere of characters on a stage, players & stage set created in fabrics & textiles. We will have some fascinating local legends & history you can study for inspiration  tales of this land - Arabic castles & sleepy white villages, beautiful princesses & proud kings, Andalus horses & sweet little donkeys, tropical fruit trees & wild mountain flowers, high  mountains, deep gorges & splashing waterfalls...  each has their own story. 

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As with all of our courses the focus is on all things hand crafted. Our aim is to teach that you can gather fabrics, trims & embellishments to add to bought items & use 'upcycling' as part of your craft & art techniques.

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Your artwork will have elements of clay sculpture, paint & padded applique to give a 3D effect &  we will create flowers, leaves & branches in a variety of ways to create a beautiful 'frame' full of the colour & atmosphere of this very special area of Spain.
Our stories will grow from a blank base fabric, building in layers to form the backgrounds, adding more fabrics, elements, textures & techniques to to bring the landscape or surround into more detailed focus. Next we will be creating the padded figures & clay features that will bring our characters to life, & setting them on 'the stages' we have created for them. We will use a wide variety of trimmings, laces, embellishments, paints, beads & mixd media elements to give our pieces of art a jewel-like quality full of romance & richness. Finally we will be creating 3D & padded flowers, leaves, branches, birds etc to build up as a 'frame' for the artwork, enhancing the 'on stage' effect.

What you will learn on this course ...

1  How to envisage a story as a piece of art
2  Preparation of base fabrics including the top hanging elements
3  Spraying and 'soft' shading the bases with paints

4  Adding chosen fabrics for the backgrounds, imagine a stage in a theatre, we will be creating the backdrop first

5  Adding fantasy & sheer fabrics to add softness & more texture.

6  How to 'tease' to create water & tree bark effects etc

7  Applique of details for adding our secondary features to the setting

8  Painting the 'stage set' background to add any extra depth and colour

9  Developing our characters... we will make basic sketches to work from to get an idea of size & shape within our base settings

10 Using polymer clay & paints to create faces, creating 'wigs'

11 Creating the figures using techniques of padded applique & adding

pre-made clay faces or painting the faces on canvas 

12 Classic stamping using rubber stamps

13 Over painting and detailing pre bought faux flowers

14 Using fantasy fabrics, threads, trimmings, lace ribbons for details on our padded figures

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15 Embroidering details on the art works- backgrounds & figures

16 Over painting and detailing pre bought faux flowers

17 How to make 3D type butterflies, flowers, branches & grasses from felts, sheers & solid fabrics for our 'frames'

18 How to make Foamirin flowers

19 Adding beads, semi precious stone chips, sequins, seed & bugle beads to the artwork - back grounds & figures

20 Building up the 'frame' display of 3D flowers etc 

21 Painting & embellishing the frame flowers with beads & 'jewels'


Extras ...

We supply all tools, materials and embellishments needed for this course, however if there is something of your own, fabrics, old jewellery, mini accessories beads etc you wish to incorporate please bring it along.

This course is suitable for all experience levels, including total beginners.

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