Vintage Heirloom Papercraft & Fabric Art

On this course you will be making beautiful heirloom vintage style pieces that we can either bind as a journal or present as single frameable art pieces. These journals & frameable artworks make beautiful gifts for brides or can be or be personalised to themes of hobbies, pets, family, places etc. You can email us copies of photos you might wish to use in your piece, we will make it 'vintage' & print it for you ready to use on your arrival.

Scrapbooking with lace | Heart and Art Andalucia | Vintage Heirloom Papercrafts Holiday Course in Spain
vintage heirloom papercrafts | Heart and Art Andalucia | scrapbook journal | teashop
Creating vintage heirloom mixed media journals & frameable artworks to treasure. 
Course tutor - Jacqui
Full Residential Guest  TBC 
Day Participant (full course) TBC

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As with all of our courses the focus is on all things hand crafted with an element of upcycling, so we will not be using die cutters. Our aim is to teach that you don't need many tools to create these beautiful vintage style pieces, just a selection of materials, a few tools and a creative imagination... taking the sometimes expensive 'machinery' out of the process and using instead our hands, hearts and minds. 

You will learn a multitude of techniques to take basic card, paper and tissue through a layering and texturing process to create different styles of 'pages'. 

Using photos, images (many exclusive to ourselves) and ink stamped elements you will build up the story and theme of your pages, adding elements and ephemera to add to the narrative. 

You will then decide if you would like to bind these as a book, leave them as separate frameable pieces, or a little of both. 

Next steps will be to learn how to make add on pieces of embellishments using our huge resources of beads, card, trimmings, feathers, buttons, ribbons, vintage charms, crystals, threads, semi precious chippings, shells etc to create hanging elements, clips ons, tie ons etc


What you will learn on this course ...

1  How to use literally anything to make a vintage upcycled journal or frameable
2  Ageing papers using stains, fraying & distressing techniques
3  Layering & brushing tissues and papers for texture and depth

4  Decoupage using the usual and unusual

5  Creating 'scrap' embellishments from paper, fabric, ribbon, unusual materials

6  Making your own tags, ephemera, mini books, envelopes, embellishments

7  Working with pressed flowers and leaves

8  Using pre made die cuts 

9  How to use impasto gel & stencils

10 Acrylic spray & splatter technique

11 How to create Foamarin flower embellishments

12 Using stamping & ink techniques

13 Developing a 'gatherer's eye' for unusual uses for everyday things... waste nothing!  

14 Binding as book or presenting as frameable art pieces

vintage portrait collage | Heart and Art Andalucia | mixed media pink collage | textile art holiday Spain

15 Creating beautiful ties and 'locks' 

16 Beaded and fringed embellishments

17 Lace and ribbon edges, pockets and scraps

18 How to build up a theme and colour scheme

19 Sewing and embroidery as a papercraft embellishment

20 Creating a unique 'grown' crystal cover embellishment

21 Adding Jewels & charms


Extras ...
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We supply all tools, materials and embellishments needed for this course, however if there is something of your own you wish to incorporate please bring it along. If there is a particular theme you would like to make lets us know so we can source some themed elements
This course is suitable for all experience levels from total beginners to guests already experienced in card or papercraft making.

For this course we offer our 'Vintage Your Photos' service free. If you would like to incorporate some of your family/pet/landscape etc photos in your vintage artwork email us copies of the images you would like to use and we will give them a vintage atmosphere (examples below), black and white to slightly sepia.

Many printed images we provide are exclusive to ourselves, so something a little extra special! 


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Before & after vintaged photos ...