The Artists ....

Jacqui is our tutor on all courses relating to paper crafts & textile art & helps on courses hosted by other artists. She has worked as a professional textile and jewellery artist for over 35 years, her work being exhibited in the UK, France and Spain over the years in a variety of galleries and chateaux. She has also curated exhibitions and gallery shows for artists and craftspeople in the UK. Her love of experimentation in texture, textiles, colour and form are what she brings to her work and it is this that led her to a path of designing and creating fantasy costumes for independent film and theatre. Jacqui is also a  counsellor, art therapist & Reiki healer with over 20 years professional experience. Jacqui believes art should be a constant form of personal expression, development and play. When teaching she aims to connect people to their art on a deeper level, gaining confidence while learning and inspiring constant exploration of new techniques. Below are just a few examples of Jacqui's work.

fairy costume by Jacqui Martinez
textile art jewellery collar
textile art collage face
 padded collage textile art
faery costume
Jacqui Martinez artist | Heart and Art Andalucia
Kelly Potts Martinez artist | ethical taxidermist | jewellery sculpture | Jewellery making holidays Spain

Kelly is our tutor on the jewellery courses , sculpture courses and sculpture doll courses and helps out with many courses that are hosted by other artists. Originally trained in most aspects of jewellery making, she then specialised in model making and lost wax carving for mass production and individual commission work. Over the years she developed her own style and techniques of creating silver wearable art sculpture jewellery drawing on her love of Pre-Raphaelite art and mythology.  She has designed and created costumes for independent film and theatre and also for individual dancers.Her sculpting skills and her experience as a costumier led her on a new path of creating poseable character sculpture dolls, where she could indulge her love of fabrics, textiles and embroidery techniques. Kelly has exhibited her sculpture jewellery in galleries in Britain and France, and regularly exhibits in the UK and in the USA. She has co-curated exhibitions and festivals of arts and crafts in the UK and France, and has also been a co facilitator on courses for personal development and emotional wellbeing. She is an artist who believes everyone can create, they just need someone to teach them with kindness and encourage confidence. Kelly has appeared on BBC TV and in various magazines with her artworks 

fairytale sculpture doll with mask
Silver fossil bone and pearl sculpture jewellery
fairy queen crown by Kelly Potts Martinez
Jose Martinez artist

Jose is our tutor on courses that involve metal-smithing, particularly silver & contemporary lost wax carving. He is a gold and silversmith with over 50 years experience working in contemporary jewellery design and manufacturing. Exhibited in the UK and Europe, his individual designs are collected worldwide. He has taught all aspects of the jewellery trade from design, model making, lost wax casting process, mold making & cutting, stone setting & finishing. During his career he has taught many students who have gone on to professional careers in the jewellery industry. His current jewellery work is full of colour form and texture, and is a celebration of nature in metal set with precious and semi precious stones.  is also a former gallery owner specializing in the jewellery as an artform. He is also constant back up crew helping each course run smoothly.

Below are just a few examples of Jose's previous art work

organic contemporary pendant by Jose Martinez
floral contemporay necklace by Jose Martinez
Organic rultilated quartz pendant
Organic contemporary pendant by Jose Martinez
Marc Potts artist

Marc is our painting tutor and background support for all courses. He has worked as a professional painter for over 30 years, his work being collected and exhibited internationally. Originally a Marine Biologist, and then working in nature conservation Marc's love of natural history, especially bird life, was the first influence of his art. His deep love of European folklore then led him  to a path of combining his love of natural history with what he calls 'un-natural history', creating paintings fusing folkloric creatures with birds, animals and plantlife. Always an artist who pushes himself to explore new techniques, his work developed a more abstract form, utilizing collage and texturing techniques, deconstruction and construction and tonalism in portraiture and landscape. He is an artist who believes we should play with ideas, and never stick with one style, but explore and develop as artists all our lives. Marc has written 2 books, has illustrated for countless other's books, magazines and even CD jackets. His work has been turned into collectable sculptures and can be found  a variety of products such as tee shirts, mugs, journals and giftware. He exhibits regularly in the UK and USA. Marc is a member of The Society for Art of Imagination and The Visionary Art Group.

pixie & toad painting
rooks on branches
mixed media dark art collage painting
fairy and hazel tree Dartmoor